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Smokehouse Boys Win!

bbq competition winners

Maryland State BBQ bash in Bel Air


The Smokehouse Boys proudly took 6th place for pulled pork out of 58 entrants this past summer in the annual BBQ bash in Bel Air!






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The Smoke House Boys

Legend of the Reaper Rub

As the story goes, it really did begin on a dark and stormy night in the cross roads village of Cokesbury in southern Harford County over 200 years ago.   There wasn’t much going on here but George Washington had passed through several times, the forerunner to the Declaration of Independence, the Bush Declaration, was signed nearby and the first Methodist college was founded here.

Anyway, several locals were hanging out at the cabinet shop and decided to open a funeral home and men being men started roasting a pig or two or chickens for fun.  Well, the local fire chief thought it was unusual to see smoke coming from the cabinet shop and investigated.  Much to his surprise, he found this group of locals, eating chicken thighs and ribs seasoned like he had never before tasted.

As time went on and on and on…the cabinet shop closed, the funeral home became well-established, the group of locals became a BBQ Team with Pop-Pop Valchik using his technique learned in the old country smokehouses—low and slow and act like you know!

So, the seasoning was perfected, the little piggy went to the market and now you can use the award winning Smokehouse Boys Reaper Rub on your own BBQ specialties.

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